About Our Culture

Dhananwoodd Films cultivates work culture where all the staff are given equal importance regardless of their position in the organization, by providing equal opportunities to learn and improve their personal skillset. Every employees’ welfare is also given utmost importance to ensure the best working experience by having an open door policy where they are free to voice out their concerns and ideas to anyone in the management. Dhananwoodd Films is a lifestyle and contemporary filmography, photography and videography based in Malaysia. We always make sure to find out our client’s aim followed by the key messages that being delivered in order to produce the results successfully. We are always on the move to capture something stunning. Be it joyous occasion of commercial, wedding and portraits or travelling far to get in touch with the nature and its exquisiteness. We also have wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects completion. We are effective at organizing and coordinating shoots. We are also competent in film and sound editing. It’s every filmmaker’s dream to have their ideas hit the big screen, but to see a film through completion, one must have certain qualities to ensure production goes smoothly and we believe and would proudly say that we do have all the qualities as well the qualifications that is required. So why not give us a chance and look forward towards the quality of our outcomes. To be on the correct track, we have obtained all necessary licences;